A private investigator (PI) is a professional who is hired to conduct investigative, surveillance, and research activities. Their main job is to gather information and evidence that can be used for various purposes, such as legal, personal, or business matters.

Some of the common tasks that we perform include:

  1. Investigating criminal cases.
  2. Investigating housing habitability issues.
  3. Investigating personal injury claims.
  4. Conducting background checks on individuals, including criminal records, financial histories, and other relevant information.
  5. Investigating cases of suspected infidelity or adultery.
  6. Conducting surveillance and monitoring activities to gather evidence of illegal or unethical behavior.
  7. Serving legal documents and providing testimony in court cases.

We use a variety of methods and techniques to gather information and evidence, including online research, interviews with witnesses or suspects, and surveillance activities. We often work closely with lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals to assist in our investigations.

Often, we can assist a criminal defendant at no cost to the defendant, his attorney, or his family because we accept court appointments.  We also prepare appointment orders at no cost.  Because we prepare free appointment orders, there is no risk to the defendant or his attorney.

We also do not charge anything upfront for most habitability and personal injury investigations.

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